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When the America began her Atlantic crossings in 1946 some travel agents questioned the ship’s ability to attract affluent passengers. Cunard lines offered bigger and faster ships in the Queen Mary and Elizabeth. Their service was impeccable. America met the competition and over the years attracted a loyal following. This was accomplished by offering luxurious First Class facilities with service that was superlative yet genuine and friendly.  In addition, she offered something no other ship had, a piece of America at sea, a more democratic spirit; a fresh new world appeal. As this country’s ship of state, she was a showcase for the best in American engineering, art, craftsmanship, interior design, and cuisine. The ship was an all-American product. From the Oregon pine decking to the Rhode Island silverware on the tables, practically every State in the Union contributed material and equipment. The interiors were fashioned by American designers, architects, and decorators. The food featured the best regional cuisine.  It all came together to create a truly First Class experience that would attract tourists, diplomats, royalty, and Hollywood stars. First Class fare to Southampton in 1951 was $295.00 and up in First Class, $200.00 in Cabin, and $160 in Tourist. For that price passengers sailed on a floating luxury resort offering the refinement and conveniences of the finest American hotel. They enjoyed expansive deck space and elegant public rooms. First Class had the best location, amidship, away from the vibration of churning propellers and the impact of waves slamming into the bow. It was a wonderful way to travel, civilized, luxurious, entertaining, relaxing, and friendly without being stuffy. The America set the standard for American First Class travel at sea.  


Staterooms with Room to Spare   ” Staterooms are larger, more comfortable than you ever imagined. Modern furnishings give America’s rooms have
a clean, uncluttered look that is so pleasing and attractive. You’ll be delighted with the full-length mirrors, wall-to-wall carpeting, deep wardrobe drawers, beds with innerspring
mattresses… large closets that accommodate the longest evening gowns.”

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First Class suite
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First-class suite
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First-class cabin

FIRST CLASS SMOKING ROOM  ” where joy and good fellowship reign”

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First-class dining room
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First-class bar


America First class deck
Picture from the Brian Petersen collection