Australis passenger and crew stories

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  1. Andre

    I sailed on the Australia’s out of Fremantle I think it was around. August/ September 1973 to Melbourne , Sydney .Auckland all the way through to Southampton Had a great time on board firstly with people on board that had emigrated like I did in 1970 I was young I dident like Australia plus I could of ended up in. VEIATNAM on just in the Army as they still had call up so I was out of there I settled in England had a good fulfilling life All of brothers sisters mum and dad stayed in Australia and are still there .On board I met two guys from England that had been living in Australia one was a Londonder the other was Scottish so we played football on board on the top deck , After leaving New Zealand the voyge began I met two girls Ann and Linda Another girl from Sweden I think plus the two boys in our nice cabin on the upper deck .we had a port hole graet cabin And I had the time of my life on board and the places viseted was fun Iv seen photos of me on board plus retiring to the ship by lifeboat I teamed up with Ann and Linda who had been living in Hing Kong and was going to Scarbough Ann did keep in touch but then I lost her I very much like to catch up with her

  2. Karla Edson

    Looking for anyone with pictures and/or memories of sailing on the Australis from Melbourne thru the Panama Canal to Miami in June 1966. You can find me on the FB page SS Australis Photos n Stories.

  3. Neil Musson

    Travelled from Southampton to Freemantle in 1977, im trying to find a passenger list if anyone else can help please, I was traveling with my parents and two other siblings.Some good memories of learning to swim in the two pools

  4. Robert Wrightson

    I sailed on the australis in may 1970 from Sydney to Southampton. As a 20 year old it was the start of 5 years of travelling around the world.would like to hear from other passengers from this cruise.

  5. Buce Crompton

    I travelled on the Australis. Auckland to Southhampton.
    Left Auckland 2 August arrived Southhampton 31 August just as the QE2 was docking.

    Wonderfull trip called Fiji,Acapulco.Panama wdst indies, Bahama’s Miami and on to Southampton.
    Would love to catch up with anyone on that voyage.
    Felt a sense of sadness after watching the final end of such a wonderfull old ship.
    Have a photo of my 3 room mates.

  6. Judith Thompson

    I was on the SS Australis in 1975, traveling from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Southampton with four trunks full of supplies and equipment to begin my archeological survey of SE Iran. I bought a Landrover in London and drove it all the way to Baluchistan in Iran through the winter snows in Europe, sleeping in the back of the Landrover. What I remember most about the crossing was that we ran into a Force 11 3-day snowstorm in January. All the tables in the dining room had wet tablecloths and raised sides to prevent dishes from falling off. Ropes were strung throughout the ship for people to hold onto although most passengers were so seasick that only a very few of us left our cabins. One woman was injured when a baby grand piano flew across a room. I had a cabin to myself that looked out onto a deck. I was very shy and did not make any friends although I remember being outside watching the waves crash onto the deck and meeting a man whose wife was down with seasickness. We seemed to be the only passengers curious enough to venture outside.

  7. Tony D

    I am trying to find details of the SS Australis trip to Southampton which took place in March 1968. My biological mother (who is British) met my biological father (who is Maltese and called Joseph Axisa) on this trip. They were both 24 years old at the time.

    I am trying to find out about my biological father since I was adopted and have only recently discovered my story.

    If anybody remembers this trip or who knows how I might find details of passenger lists to find out more then I would be interested to know!

  8. frank richard carew

    Left on Jan 2nd 1967 from Melbourne to Southampton. My nickname was Gallip. GHas 21st Birthday on board,

  9. Terry (Robins) Hardwick

    I went to England on the Australis leaving Sydney about 26 July 1973. I was going to do the usual working holiday for a year and come back home via Israel and overland. However, on board, I met the man who has been my husband now for 46 years! We married in England and came back to Australia four years later with our 3 week old son.
    We travelled via Auckland, Suva, Acapulco, Panama Canal and Miami. I remember our time on the Australis as a bit of a situation comedy with some of the things that went on but things worked out in the end. I was in a 6-berth cabin – my friends were Carole from Yorkshire; Wendy from Wiltshire and Andrea and Jacinta from New Zealand plus Pat and Marcus who were in Brian’s cabin. I remember Nick and the Rocks who played in the ballroom and going down to a cramped crew cabin for a party where the crew tried to get the blokes in the group drunk. We would party all night and go to breakfast in the mornings then sleep most of the days except when we were in port. We had a Force 10 gale out of Miami and Brian and I proved we were very good sailors as we were about the only people who came to breakfast. I also remember how infection went through the ship so easily and everyone got a dose of the runs at some stage.
    We had an absolute ball and it seemed like life on the ship was the whole world while you were on board. We kept in touch with some of these mates after we left the ship for a while but have lost touch now.

  10. Gill Pritchard (nee Hollyoake)

    I travelled on the Australis northbound in January 1968. Many good memories but crossing the North Atlantic in Winter and the worst storms for a long time. Everything was battened down, pool emptied, doors locked shut and restaurants closed although most people were in their cabins vomiting. The ship had to switch of engines at one point as the sea was running faster than the ship and the rear screws were rising out of the water with an horrendous noise. I have never been so happy to see the Scilly Isles and Cornwall. Later learned that 5 fishing boats had been lost in the North Atlantic that week.

  11. Jim Molloy

    Came to Australia on the Australis arriving in Melbourne on 13th January 1966 Via Greece, Suez, Aden and Fremantle. I would like to contact anyone on that voyage.

  12. Veronica

    I was on the 17Nov 1977 Voyage . I was 19 and married 3 weeks . My first trip overseas . Fabulous memories enroute . I thought i would die the first day or two from being seasick but a little trip to the surgery and I had my sea legs .
    It was so exciting for a young bride on my way to an exciting life in Australia . I consider myself very very lucky to have had that experience on the SS Australis

  13. Diane Conier new Foster

    My sister was 24 I was 17 from Birkenhead Cheshire we left Southampton around 21st March 1973 on the Britannia /Britannis ?
    Greek crew. We had a fabulous time on board for 5 weeks Arriving in Tasmania April 1973. I have lived in many states and have come back to Tasmania to retire.
    Our eldest sister sponsored us £10 Pommes

  14. Jean Di Costanzo

    I touched the Australian soil in Fremantle 3rd of July 1975. Australis was a beauty,a majestic ship,the biggest of them all!
    I was 19 and single man,did everything even visiting the machines down below and the kitchens! I was friendly and with my lovely French accent was winning all the hearts!
    It was distinguished,we had a stewart for our cabin and was so friendly and always at our disposition for whatever we needed!
    My 3 colleagues passengers from France,Hungary and Holland were nice guys. We spent 32 days till Sydney,the group Sherbet came on board in Melbourne,we were dancing every night!
    Three meals a day, tea times,coffees and cakes all the time! I will always remember that scrambled eggs and pineapple juice!
    They don’t tell when a tragedy arise and fortunately they didn’t have to,it would remove the euphorical atmosphere,everybody was happy,the tourists from Great Britain and the migrants from Europe! We were 2500 passengers and 700 from the crew!
    Yes one day I saved a life,maybe two! That girl in her 20’s wanted to jump,she was on the other side of the barrier,one guy holding her,they were screaming,it was 5 o’clock in the morning. I heard the guy asking me to take her to safety,he couldn’t as he was exhausted!
    How long they were there,I don’t know!
    She wanted to kill herself for desperation,it was about a break up,so many fell in love on that ship!
    I was happy and never heard of them,nor anyone thanking me either and it’s ok because they didn’t have to as it became my reward for life!
    That ship was so big,7 levels I think! Two swimming pools,gyms,saunas and bars in every corners! I loved it all! We lost few days after Cape Town,an horrible weather made us do a detour in the Indian ocean! That huge ship was rocked by the rough waves but stood well.
    I went back to France after ten months but came back few times and now living in the Mornington Peninsula!

  15. Anita

    I left Southampton June 1973 on the Australia’s
    With my parents and 1 sister and 5 brothers, I remember we had cabins on the c deck we’re the engines were, I was 15 at the time, had lots of fun on the ship, got to
    Meet my friend Lorraine on there, who’s now my sister-in-law,Got bit rough going access the grater, but we as kids had fun,We had stop at Canary Islands then Cape Town Africa then on to femantle arrive July 20 1973

  16. Rob Hunt

    I’d love to speak to anyone who travelled on Australis Dep Piraeus May 5 1968, Arr Melbourne June 2. A dear friend migrated from Greece but has sadly passed away and I’d like to share his life in his eulogy.

  17. Andre mackie

    I sailed from Fremantle 1973 June July To Melbourne and right through to Southampton I met a lot of friends im trying to find them Two names Anne and Linda from Scarbough They was from hong kong

  18. Gary Dean Crosby

    I traveled from Sydney Australia to Southampton UK on the SS Australis in 1967. It took one month. We stopped at Aukland NZ, Suva Fiji, Panama & on through the Panama Canal, Port Everglades Miami USA & then on to Southampton. What a wonderful adventure for an almost 13 yrs kid. The only negative I remember was watching Ghengis Khan & carry on Cowboy over & over again in the ships cinema. They didn’t have too many movies.
    I am now a guitar teacher in the UK.

  19. James Spence

    I sailed on the Australis from Southampton to Sydney June / July 1973. Was a great voyage but got really rough after leaving Cape Town. After 47 years , still remember the friendliness of the staff and other passengers, and as migrants , we were sailing into the unknown.. Kept a lot of memories from Australis including Seascapes and menus and I forgot to hand in the key to cabin 1137. Pity the ship didn’t make it to Phuket as would have loved to try the key out!

  20. Paul Beedham

    My wife and I were ship photographers on Australis 1976/77. Across the Pacific we had the isolation ward as a cabin. Captain Ikiadis was our captain and was prone to sea sickness. Gary was my second photographer; he also used to operate the ancient x-ray machine. We had worked on Patris in 1974.

  21. Robert

    Just watched You Tube documentary on the life (and death) of the ship through all its incarnations (including, of course, Australis). It’s called “Abandoned” (SS America). I travelled from Sydney to Acapulco with wife and two small children in 1972. Fantastic experience. Although it was a one class liner at that stage, our cabin (#123) was so spacious it must have been a first class executive suite of some sort in its hey day. Sure beat the hell out of any fancy cruise ship.

  22. Christopher Wilson

    Hi All. Was on that last voyage as an 8yo. Sister Rachel 10, father Gordon 38, Mother Edith 31. Came from Southampton to Melbourne. 28 days, Crete, Cairo, Djibouti, Fremantle were stops. Remember the food, service great, cinemas, great days. Reminisce or remember with me?

  23. Andre Mackie

    Hello I was on the 1974 from Perth Australia to Southampton I met loads of friends had a great cruise Imet a girl called Ann from Scarborough been trying to contact her for years Australis was a great ship it a-shame what happened to her Any way my email is angemackie@icloudcom

  24. Clive Hyne

    Hi, does anyone remember the stow away on the SS Australis departing Sydney in 1968? His name was John Bakonji

  25. Ray Hampton

    I travelled from Australia to Uk on her in 1975 as a five year old. Memory of a lifetime. The flambé lobster on the first meal made me crook. Boiled rice for days after! The stops in the way were amazing. Such a lucky childhood.

  26. Dore Van der Wilk

    Wow!!! I remember the wonderful times the family had on the beautiful liner, we were on holiday I think boarding around end of September 1968 where I had my 18th Birthday celebration. We embarked from Perth with so many memorable ports along the way to the end of the destination, think it was Dover?? the whole family went for the trip of a lifetime Mum Dad and my 3 siblings
    I shared a room with 3 other girls and made several new friendships with people my own age…we had wonderful times, the ship was opulent, dressing up for dinner every night then dancing

    we then 10 months later after spending most of our holiday in Holland embarked for journey home back on the Australis …..AMAZING i’ll never forgot it ever

  27. Annelen knappe

    Hi I’m Annelen. My parents and I left Germany in November 73. We stopped at southhampton, Las Palmas, then on to Freemantle, where we were delayed one week,I think? I remember being allowed off the boat, and lining up along the beach with many migrants who, like myself, had never swum in the ocean. Most of us only dared to go in the water up to our knees, and the medical facility had to cope with large numbers of sunburnt bodies. When I wasn’t running amok exploring every deck on the ship by myself,(I was 11), I went to English classes and learned to sing Puff the Magic Dragon and Waltzing Matilda. Many more memories. My explorations caused me to disappear for days at a time, and at one stage they put a missing person announcement out for me.We arrived in Sydney about one week before Xmas 1973.

  28. Laura Streek nee Mills

    I was on the Ss Australia in November 1977 returning to England.
    My name Was Laura Mills. I met Kate Symons and Robyn Booth. I often wonder what happened to them. We were young and had an absolutely wonderful journey calling into New Zealand, Brazil and Argentina.

  29. nigel stanbridge

    i sailed out of Southampton in 1974 may i believe and first stop the canary islands then on to south africa cape town it was the most stunning view i had seen. also saw a sunfish from the bow of the australis big as a car, we then headed for fremantle it took a bit as we sailed south to get away from a cyclone i remember a lady going head first through a glass door when the ship rolled , we arrived in freo and the coast looked like a giant sand dune, we then left freo and arrived in melbourne the painters where on the dock we arrived back that day to see a massive white patch on the side . later on a rolls royce turned up with the band sherbet who entertained us to sydney the manager made the mistake of saying the band was better than the beatles he was howled off the stage arrived in sydney to greet my future wifes parents my future wife was on board the australis with me

  30. Jens Arnold

    My family and I migrated to Australia from Germany and sailed on board Australis early 1970 and arrived in Sydney mid March. I remember the journey as one of the best times of my life, I was only 9 but we enjoyed the 6 weeks so much. We were introduced to movies, as kids we could order just ice cream for dinner, it was such a memorable time. Every port my father and mother would take me and my 2 brothers for excursions, it was all such an adventure. I remember the ship being so big in Bremer Haven when we arrived, I am so grateful to my parents for taking me on the adventure of my lifetime. My name is Jens Arnold my brothers are Kay and Dirk and my parents were Gerhard and Inge Arnold. I would love to hear from anyone that was on this journey back in 1970.

  31. Trena Jones

    I left melbourne as a 19 year old to go to Southampton although the ship ended up in rotterdam
    Had a fabulous trip visiting sydney, auckland suva, acapulco,
    Cristabal and balboa through the panama and up
    Took 4 and a half weeks, wonderful ship had a great time met loads of great people, loved the crossing of the line ceremony on the equator

  32. James A. Todd

    I sailed on S.S. Australis on Feb. 27th 1976 going to Oz and again in August 10th 1976 coming back to UK.

    Those were some of the best days of my life.

    James (Jim) Todd
    Cabin 1110 Southbound

  33. yvonne ballantyne

    I travelled on the Australis departing Auckland 29th July 1973 My life was changed forever with that Voyage it was amazing. I still have several friends relating to that trip and our lives have been intertwined ever since.I was living in Timaru 1977 1978 when the Australis was laid up their after it’s last trip and it was being prepared for sale.I have a few little momentums from her. Swarn Singh,Gurmeet Handa,Amrik Lal and Armajit were 4 of the friends from that time.

  34. Gill Fitzherbert

    I sailed from Southampton to Auckland leaving the uk Nov 1971 arriving in Auckland the week before Christmas. I was 16 and travelled alone. Great days, no camera, so only memories.
    Gill Bishop

  35. brian holliday

    my wife jen and daughter caroline and i sailed on australis on 3rd april 1967.just before we sailed the greek crew had some sort of dispute and left the ship. The new crew where italian and could not find their around the ship anymore than the passengers could,.so it was total chaos for a while, with meal times being very late indeed.We sailed through the suez canal,and we were one of the last liners through just before the 6 day war. i went ashore in aden, where there were british soldiers with rifles on every street corner. we arrived in Perth in May, and sailed on to Melbourne, where we stayed for 7 years until we sailed back to the uk on the ellenis

  36. Andre

    I sailed out of Fremantle 1974 to the ok I met a lot of friends one girl Anne Iv been searching for her for years She came from Scarborough She was twith her family out of Hong cong Her dad was in the army We was all friends Ann was my girlfriend if any one ever reds this who knows any thing please contact me on My name is Andre

  37. Jean Di Costanzo

    It was fabulous to be on that big ship!
    I am from France and three times a day we were served like princes and princesses on our group formed in Paris! We were escorted by Australian delegates to Southampton via Brittany and Plymouth! 32 days of holidays,2500 passengers 700 crew members! I was 19 fully trade to work in Port Kembla Steelwork!
    Amazing trip visiting Las Palmas,Cape Town and Perth,then stopped in Melbourne passing in the famous Port Phillip Bay then to Sydney! The Sherbets played for us for a week and I had the chance to save the life of a young lady,I stopped her from jumping! Nobody knew,well these things don’t get spread but I feel good about that!
    I arrived in Freemantle the 3rd of July 1975!
    I loved the Australis! Great time,wonderful people I met on it!??

  38. Diane June Bowditch

    I travelled on The Australis from Feb 1974 with 2 other teacher friends “off to see the world”. I remember the Greek officers who we partied with. I remember late nights and late breakfasts. I remember the beautiful Pacifc with ports of call: Auckland, Fiji and Acapulco. Through the Panama Canal, Florida and THEN I remember 1 week of violent seas, rain, gales and cold weather before we docked at Southhampton in UK . Where have we come to?

  39. Toula Stomo

    Did anyone travelled on Australia arriving in Sydney in August 1968 from Greece?

  40. Ian Briggs

    I was lucky enough to be taken for a fortnights holiday age 8 or 9 with my brother who was 18 months older. We were with our nan grandad and uncle Alan.
    We set off from Southampton to Gibraltar, madeira, Lisbon and Puerto del garda, I think?
    I have the best memories.
    We were treated like royalty. We had a young religious father on our dinner table each night who took a shining to my nan which we always laughed about afterwards
    Our voyage through the bay of biscay was very rough and i remember my nan and grandad doing their nava hand l signs across the tennis table deck.
    The first officer used to stop me and my brother regularly and make us stand straight, shoulders back, funny!
    The monkeys at Gibraltar, the museum’s in Portugal, the poor children chasing the coach for shillings and diving into the marina to get the coins tourists threw in are a very vivid memory. Poverty was quite real back then.
    Anyone else remember? 1975 or 76 i think?

  41. Malcolm Dearden

    We arrived in Port Melbourne on the Australis in May 1974.Could anyone tell me the actual date in the month we docked .

  42. Olga Alexandra (then Kelly)

    I travelled on Australis in 1968 from Fiji first to Acapulco, Governor at Mexico City had been shot, then through Panama Canal to Kingston Jamaica where the police were on strike, then to an old enchanted Ponta Delgada in the Azores then finally to London. Would love to hear from anyone who made that trip as I am writing my story and remember little of that trip. Please help.

  43. Miranda Pet

    1971 I was 7 years old, travelling with my parents and sister from New Zealand to Holland to visit family. What an amazing trip we had, such an adventure. There were so many activities on board, Greek dancing, movies, cocktail parties for the adults, swimming pools, school for us kids, even church! I remember getting off in Mexico and mum buying us dolls. The food was different to what we were used to, but good.

  44. Deborah A Evans

    Jacquie hogwood do you remember the trip from Australia to Miami in June 1968? I was on that trip with my brother and parents. Our name is Perry. I was 6 and I remember some things about it.

  45. Deborah Evans, formally Perry

    Hello, I’m a part of the Perry family. We immigrated from shewsbury England to adilaide Australia in 1963. We then immigrated to the United States aboard this ship. My parents loved their voyage to Miami! I remember a fancy dress party with crape paper outfits that my mom made from sheets of paper they gave us. Somewhere I’ve seen a picture of me dressed up like a Spanish dancer and my brother in a paper suit with a hand painted mustache. I was only 6 but I remember that we had so much fun with the staff. I have the original ticket too for all four of us. Being an immigrant is something I’m very proud of and that ship was in our eyes a great vacation too! I think my mom has a picture of the captain with my dad. And yes she was pretty and my dad was a semi pro soccer player who was on TV in Australia. So maybe the gossip is real lol!

  46. mark kiermaier


    Does anyone remember a 5yr old little boy chasing a paper cup at the aft of the ship then falling from one deck to another landing on his face breaking his nose and loosing his front teeth (me) 1968-69 voyage to Australia.

    I did survive and would love to hear from anyone who witnessed my accident

  47. Margaret Dynes

    My teaching friend and colleague Liz were in a four berth cabin on the Australis one Christmas holiday cruise in the early sixties with two other females who we met in the cabin.The cruise went to Fiji, New Caledonia, sailed past Lord Howe Island to Sydney, then Melbourne and back across the Tasman to Auckland. It was a marvellous experience and Liz was wooed by a Greek waiter. The ship rocked and rolled on the return trip across the Tasman to Auckland that the chairs and tables rolled too. The music to Zorba the Greek was so loud and we were all dancing so enthusiastically it was only later we realized how rough the sea was. It was a magnificent experience which we thoroughly enjoyed and have very happy memories of. There was a Kookaburra Club of Aussies on board who welcomed us to their group too. The photos we took are still treasured memories.

  48. Ninos Athanasiadis

    I worked for one round trip with Australis in February 1974 back to Southampton in may 74. I had my lives experience and beautiful it was. I worked as an Chief Stewards assistant in the office by the entrance of main restaurant. I wish I could do that again.

  49. Jacquie hogwood

    I worked as a cashier 1968, I was just 21 it was an amazing experience, have lots of happy memories, I’ve revisited some of the places and I can’t believe how places like Sydney and Perth have changed.

  50. Diane

    Hi is there anyone that arrived in Sydney in December 1968 from europe. I think we may have arrived on boxing day.

  51. Jeff Aylott

    Sailed from Southampton to Auckland 1973 Jeffrey Aylott with parents Kath and roger Aylott
    Brother Steven and sister Gillian if you remember us drop us a line cheers


    I sailed from Southampton February 1970 for NZ….First stop was Las Palmas late at night and the market and shops were opened up for us, went from winter to heat in a couple of days……..On to Cape Town then Australia……..Freemantle(Perth)…..Melbourne….Sydney…..Auckland……..,loved the ship and the trip…….if anybody wants to reminisce its “jetpropelling&” Cheers…

  53. Sjirk Bangma

    Does anyone have a travel schedule of the SS Australis 1968 journey which arrived in Sydney from Southampton in October 1968.

  54. Brian Rawding

    My Wife,2 daughters and I sailed from Southampton on 18 February 1970, Great voyage until we left Cape Town. Then it was rough all the way to Fremantle. From there another rough trip across the Bight to Melbourne. Then a flight to Tasmania where we still are. The best decision of our lives to emigrate. Maureen and I are now great grandparents. However the only cruises we have taken since are the overnight crossing between Devonport and Melbourne. Australis was great but the weather was awful.

  55. JUDY

    I sailed on the Australis in 1966 from Sydney to Naples with my husband at the time. We gave Ballroom & Latin American demonstrations and dancing lessons on the trip. From Sydney we went to NZ then back to Melbourne, across The Great Australian Bight which was an extremely rough trip, ropes were put up in the walk ways and there was no cutlery put on the tables in the dining room, nearly all the people who got on board in Melbourne were sea sick, the passengers who got on in Sydney or NZ had their sea legs by then and they survived the crossing a lot better, we were ok, everyone was happy when we got to WA. I am trying to remember all the Ports we stopped at if anyone can help that would be great, we did go up the Suez Canal to Egypt which was terrific as it was closed in 1967. We disembarked in Naples as we were going to Germany to dance in the Worlds Professional Ballroom & Latin American Dancing Championships held in Berlin, after that we flew to England where we stayed till October and then flew to Thailand and taught dancing for 2 weeks and judged their Championships then flew home to Sydney. Email any information you can tell me about Ports of Call or people who were on that trip. I think it was April/May 1966

  56. Adriaan Marinus Daane

    We sailed from Auckland, New Zealand, to Rotterdam, Netherlands late 1973.
    Me, Jacqueline and 4 children had a wonderful trip to Fuji than Acapulco through the Panama Canal, Fort Lauderdale to our final destination, seeing the old landing place where I used to live in Rotterdam, “The Holland America Line”.

  57. Liam Baird




  58. Liam Baird

    I sailed on Australis out of Southampton in May 1973 to Freemantle had a great time.

    I would love to get passenger list for that trip

  59. Clare Lyon

    We came on the Australis in 1967. I was 14. It was awful. They had just changed the flag to Greek, press – ganged new crew, who had never been on board before and did not know how to act appropriately. The old crew had thrown a lot of stuff overboard when they got the sack. For the whole trip never saw an eggcup and spoons were in short supply. The engine room crew was still Italian and very upset with the Greek crew, they regularly turned the hot water off.
    When we stopped in Greece they took to many people aboard. Many slept in the foyers on mattresses, making it difficult to get around at night. I do not know what would have happened if we had to abandon ship!
    More of the crew got seasick than the passengers, being new to the sea. We made some good friends and got safely to Melbourne. it is not a trip I ever wish to repeat,

  60. Jennifer

    My family and I left Sydney 3rd Jan 1973 bound for Southhampton (and a year of travelling around Europe). Majority of crew on the ship were Greek and on return to England, were to report for National Service (for Greece). The ship was running behind schedule so our anticipated stop at Acapulco was abandoned and apparently this port of call was where the crew were all going to ‘jump’ ship!! The crews plans were shattered so they ‘jumped ship’ at next port, Florida, Miami. Most were caught and sent to the brig of the ship. Consequently, the rest of our trip was a nightmare as there was minimal staff! The journey was supposed to be 4 weeks but ended up being 5 weeks. At one stage, when we didn’t stop at Acapulco, we were 21 days straight at sea. We cashed in our return tickets for the ship back to Australia and flew home 12 months later!

  61. Janine Buckman

    I am over the moon to find this site. I sailed from Sydney to South Hampton late 1973. My round the world adventure and it couldn’t have started better than the trip on the Australis.
    I remember the Boo and Hiss shows on the open deck. Does anyone else remember them.
    She was old but delightful and fun. And the late night dancing with the crew on their deck at the back of the ship.

  62. Maurice Castagnet

    Today marks 50 years that the Australis delivered me safely at Circular Quay in 1968 from Mauritius after 14 days at sea. I was 13 years old.
    Yes it was a magical journey, an adventure never to be forgotten.

  63. Dagmar Baumgarth

    Mein verstorbener Ehemann, Heinz, lebte in Melbourne bis 1970
    Er hat auf diesem tollen Schiff gearbeitet, wenn sie eine Reparatur im Dock hatte. Im Toner, November 1970 wollte er mit ihr nach Deutschland fahren
    Leider kam es zu dem Feuer vor Fidji
    Die Australis könnte zwar aus eigener Kraft bis nach Suwa, aber er und seine damalige Familie sind dann nach Deutschland geflogen

  64. Julie Tideman

    I was on the Northbound trip from Auckland to Southampton in 1977. I still have all my souvenirs from the trip, menus, plans of the boat, the certificate for ‘crossing the line’, cocktail party stuff, bar menu etc etc. Definitely a party ship. Although i was on a Youth fare I managed to get a four berth cabin on A deck. Interestingly all the girls were travelling by themselves but nearly all the boys were in groups! Stop overs were in Tahiti, Panama (into Panama City), Puerto Rico, Curacao and Vigo in Spain.

  65. Scott Hanley

    Mum, Dad, my elder brothers and myself, travelled from Melbourne to Southampton in August 1977.

    I was 8 years old and it was a big adventure to me. I learned to swim in the small/kid’s pool, learned to play chess in the kid’s club, saw whales and lots of flying fish, being pulled through the Panama Canal, discovering spaghetti, getting chronic sea sickness, oh and having Wednesday twice in a row when we crossed the equator in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. I also remember one evening in the dining room while waiting for our meal, when the they turned all the lights out and then the next minute, all the waiters came in holding flaming cakes above their heads! I also remember playing cars with a friend I’d made on the ship when suddenly all the sirens started sounding. Everyone made their way up to the decks and I was scared and looking for my Mum and Dad, whom I eventually found. A member of staff had found me a life jacket too.

    My parents are long gone and never learned of the ship’s fate before passing. I can’t quite understand why, but I felt a tremendous sadness when I found out where the Australis ended her days. The last picture I saw online from 2018 shows only a small chunk of metal left visible.

    Wonderful memories that have helped me also remember my parents in those exciting adventurous times.

  66. Paul

    The Australis was a magical ship. She was comfortable, safe and beautiful. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t think of her. Southampton to Melbourne in 1967. I was aged 8.

  67. Neville Fenn

    For those that wish to communicate with others that may have been on your voyage, there is a FB Group “SS Australis Photos n Stories & Chandris Lines”.


    My first adventure on SS Australis was July 1975 Sydney to Southampton via Panama canal . I was taking my girlfriend to see the sights of Britain which we did by buying a Bedford camper in London for 600 pounds and went off exploring. Stonehenge was dramatic and King Arthurs castle at Tintagel memorable. On the ship we had 2×2 berth cabins on upper deck aft ( 306 and 308 ) that looked out onto the deck, very impressive !! On my second voyage on Australis I had cabin 1139 on C Deck for a 19 day South Pacific cruise in Jan 1977 and amazingly the friendly crew remembered me from 1975 so I was over the moon !! Another great adventure it was and I will never forget the ship ever !!

  69. Neville Fenn

    For those who have commented recently. There is a Facebook Group called “SS Australis Photos n Stories & Chandris Lines” with many members who have travelled on the various Chandris ships either south or north that you can join and maybe catch up with fellow passengers.

  70. Erik Teune

    I came to Perth on the Australis in March, 1970. The ship must have left Rotterdam in late February. I remember there was a 5 day delay. The ship stopped in Southampton and Cape Town (which I visited again last year). But what was the other place? Was it the Canary Islands. If you know can you please confirm this in a post or in an email to Much appreciated

  71. Jo

    We on same voyage as Ita Tippett, a family with four daughters from Holland immigrating to New Zealand. I wish I could remember this family but so long ago. We spoke no English or Greek, communicating was hard. But oh, the adventure.I remember funny details, crossing the equator, going to “school”, some rough nights, the swimming pool, putting on our own little shows much to the amusement of the Greek crew. I celebrated my 10th birthday onboard, I got a cake st dinner time and a waiter wanted to kiss me, I was mortified!

  72. Olwyn Trimble

    I worked on the Australis leaving Southampton in May 1977 and bringing aome of the £10 poms to Australia. It was definitely a party boat in those days there was a party somewhere every hour of every day. Most people called me Olly in those dsys and I boarded with Sue Cannons. We still keep in touch as I now live in Perth and Sue is from Adelaide and we would like to hear from anyone who was on the ship with us.

  73. Andre

    I sailed on the Auraliss 1974 out of Fremantle Perth Western Australia I was young It was bes time of my life Melbourne Sydney Auckland Suva Fiji Panama canal Acapulco Miami I’ve always wanted to meet up with some one on that voyage may be Freinds I met

  74. Sally

    My parents were both in the travel industry in 1972, and were invited to a dinner dance and to stay overnight on the SS Australis when it was in Southampton docks. The ouzo must have been very plentiful as nine months later I was born- probably amongst a select crew of people who were conceived aboard the ship!

  75. Ita Tippett

    My Father Mother and seven kids come out to Australia on the SS Australis in 1970 from Ireland Left Southampton on the 19th September and arrived on the 17th of October, we had a great time. The crew were so friendly and the food amazing. We only had one or two rough nights, but the rest was great.My FATHER and I used to dance for hours in the ballroom, he loved dancing.My poor mum spent most of the time in her cabin, but she did come up occassionally on deck, she was missing her sons and daughter, and their families left behind in Ireland. We met a nice big Irish guy i think his name was Derek and he would sing Danny Boy for her and he really made her happy. ..

  76. Maggie MacGregor

    I sailed on the maiden voyage of the Australis from Southampton, UK, to Wellington, NZ. We hit a cyclone as we left Perth. As I was only 7 years old, I remember the fun! The Captain said it was the roughest crossing of the Bight he’d ever been through!

  77. Elaine

    I went to melbourne in 1972 on board australis and returned in 74 or 75 cant rem ex date both ways on australis. They had fantastic shows on board. I remember coming back to southhampton and we were caught in the end of a hurricane. 4 days of rocking and rolling in the Atlantic. We met a couple called olga and dave and their son Karl and daugther julie. Often wonder what happened to them. It was an experience of a lifetime.

  78. Diane

    We emigrated to Australua in 1972. Left Southampton on April 10 and arrived in Melbourne mid May. Our first day out was really rough and nearly everyone was seasick except for us kids. We explored the boat from top to bottom. I was the eldest of 4 kids and our family of 6 was crammed into a tiny cabin below the water line with a leaky porthole. I don’t have happy romantic memories of this time.

  79. Roy Ebrey

    Hi Wendy
    I also came to Australia with my parents and 2 siblings on the Australis in 1973. We left from Southampton, UK on 6th February 1973 and disembarked at Melbourne but I can’t remember the exact date. I think the voyage took around 5 weeks.

  80. Wendy

    I came to Australia in 1973 and would like pics of anyone travelling when I did on the Australia…….

  81. Lisa Pola

    I travelled to UK from Melbourne, Australia on 12 August 1977. Next stop Sydney then Auckland where we discovered that the King Elvis Presley was dead.

    I remember spending good times with friends in Panama city and exploring Miami and Rotterdam. Would be great to hear from others who were travelling across on a youth fare. We were two strangers and two friends sharing a cabin on the bottom of the ship next to the bakery.

    Happy Times


  82. Fee jobson

    Hi , I’m adopted I’m 45 I live in Melbourne Australia , apparently my biological birth mother when she came over on the Australis in the early 1970 or so from Southhampton had a bit of a shipboard romance with a crew member ( but DOSENT remember his name ? ) she was about 26 and Irish and her name was emmerenchia ( Emmer ) HE WAS GREEK , AND IM DESPERATELY TRYING TO TRACK HIM DOWN , I KNOW THIS IS LIKE FINDING A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK , BUT I SOOOOOO MUCH WANT TO KNOW HIM , AND MY HERITAGE , if IT MIGHT BE YOU CONTACT ME ON Or. Mobile
    0431446702 level a message THANKYOU , I know so many of the crew would of had shipboard romances with lovely ladies BUT I GOTTA TRY , it’s BEEN EATING ME UP INSIDE MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE , YOU WOULNDT IF KNOW I EXIST , BUT I GOTTA TRY XXXXX. KINDEST REGARDS ALWAYS FEE XXX ??????????????????

  83. Victoria Fletcher

    My Father was a pursur on this ship. Anyone remember him? Michael Fletcher. If you have any memory of him.

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