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Question 1
Which Captain of the United States appeared on a game show ?
Harry Manning
John Anderson
Leroy Alexanderson
Question 1 Explanation: 
Captain John Anderson appeared on the game show What's My Line?, on EPISODE #297 of February 12, 1956. What's My Line? was one of network television's longest running and most beloved prime time game shows, with a broadcast run of seventeen and one-half years. The game consisted of four panelists trying to guess the occupation of a guest contestant. As the questioning rotated, a panel member asked questions, and the guest would answer either "yes" or "no." A contestant received $5 for each "no" answer, and ten "no" answers ended the game in favor of the contestant.That evening Dorothy Kilgallen blew a golden opportunity when she asked the commodore if his vessel was "smaller than an ocean liner," to which he promptly answered "no." It then left the door wide open for Bennett Cerf, who made the correct guess.Thanks to Suzanne Astorino What's My Line database manager at TV Tome for the information including biography of Captain Anderson. For more information on Captain Anderson and the show check out What's My Line?: EPISODE #297 -
Question 2
How old was the youngest stowaway ?
Question 2 Explanation: 
From the International Herald Tribune, In our pages section, September 9 2004 Accidental Voyage"Don't go far and be back in good time for lunch," called out Eugene Hart's grandmother as he left his home in Brooklyn last Friday morning [Sept. 3] with 17 cents in his pocket. Eugene, who is 11, promised he would - and, "cross my heart," he meant it. Tonight [Sept. 8] Eugene wound up in this port across the Atlantic on the liner United States. He said when he set out he first intended to go to a movie. "I only had 17 cents and I thought it would be a good way to spend the morning," he said. "I then saw in the paper where the United States was in port, so I thought I would go and have a look. I spent 15 cents for the subway to Times Square and walked to Pier 86." The big liner was there all right, so Eugene just walked aboard. "I saw a man in uniform," he said, "but he didn't say anything to me. I was still looking around for a couple of hours when I found the ship out at sea." Eugene was confined to the hospital during the voyage over. Eugene said he had received a telegram from his mother, a telephone operator in Brooklyn. "Mom told me she'd be waiting at the pier," he explained a little anxiously. "I guess I'm going to get into trouble, but I've never been whipped before."
Question 3
In 1977 Norwegian Caribbean Line was searching for an existing ship that could be converted to a cruise ship. Their first choice was the United States. Why did they wind up purchasing their second choice, the France?
High operating cost
The ship was under "top secret" wraps
It was too fast for cruise ship operations
Question 3 Explanation: 
NCL, the innovative Norwegian Caribbean Line, had grown so much that they needed another ship. In 1977 the cruise market was booming and there wasn't time to build a totally new ship. Buying a ship from a competitor in prosperous times meant paying too much. Conversion to an existing ship was clearly the ideal solution to quickly expand the fleet.For a time the leading candidate was the SS United States. But the sale was thwarted by the fact that several features of the "Big U" remained classified a US Military secret. The Line had to settle on their second choice the France.Two years latter, in 1980, the government sold the ship to a real estate developer. The ship has been in steady decline since then.Turns out they were not the only interested buyer. Recently received (4/11/04) an email from Michael Yannaghas who worked for the Chandris Lines London office. "Anthony Chandris made a long and serious study of the United States for possible acquisition for the Australia Run with a capacity of 4,500 berths.... The talks with US Lines and the US Maritime Commission foundered however on amongst other things her US troopship status."NCL did finally buy the United States with the potential of converting her to a state of the art modern cruise ship in their U.S. Flagged fleet. The ship still lies in Philadelphia awaiting a decision from NCLSource. Devon M Scott for NCL cruise bulletin.
Question 4
What did the United States maintain a spare set of ?
towels and sheets
Question 4 Explanation: 
Bill Lee spent nearly thirty years in the shipbuilding industry, including Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. He writes. Did you know that the UNITED STATES had a complete extra set of props, maintained at the ship yard for years? When she came in for her 'annual', one of the first things they did was pull all four of the old ones and replace 'em. Then, the ones removed were taken to machine shop, inspected and rebalanced, as necessary. Rebalancing usually entailed buildup and grinding of eroded areas; sometimes the replacement of chunks of missing metal along the leading edges where the spinning blades had hit something or other. It was something to see those multi-ton, about 25 foot in diameter 'wheels' (as we called them) being turned at 100-200 rpm. Afterwards, they were put on sturdy stands that usually sat behind the main office building (only because that was close to the main machine shop). For the first few years, they were covered with canvas (the two-five bladed props were supposed to be secret); then they just sat there.
Question 5
The blueprints for the United States show a carpentry shop, located in the bow on Main deck. If the only wood on board was in the piano and butcher block, what did the carpenters do?
Repair blown out porthole windows
Fix broken furniture
Repair the "faux wood" paneling
Question 5 Explanation: 
William Chiodo was a Carpenters Mate and eventually Chief Carpenter. He describes his work on the BIG U as follows. " Twice each day we took soundings of all the bilges, pipe spaces and ballast tanks. Much repair work had to be done, you have to make everything out of aluminum or stainless steel. No wood could be used. We also replaced porthole glass when they leaked or were blown out by heavy seas. We also prepared the anchor for dropping. We had to maintain 24 lifeboats, by greasing the release gear and the boat fall wheels. We worked 8 hrs a day 7 days a week. Harry Manning was the first Captain. We called him Hurry Up Harry. He was always in a hurry to maintain schedule, regardless of the weather. The ship would pound all night and you got very little sleep. The company got on him to slow down when the weather got bad. the best Skipper was John Anderson
Question 6
Which future United States President sailed on the United States to attend Oxford?
Jimmy Carter
John Kennedy
Bill Clinton
Question 6 Explanation: 
Bill Clinton. Traveling in tourist with his saxophone aided seasick fellow Rhodes scholars with helpings of soup and crackers.
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