S.S. AMERICA, S.S. UNITED STATES sailing on the 'All American' team to Europe

Boeing Stratocruiser lounge

The Boeing Stratocruiser lounge, cocktails at 30,000 feet

Boeing Stratocruiser lounge

The Boeing Stratocruiser lounge, AKA the Stratoboozer lounge was the cozy cocktail stop before and after dinner. Among its regulars was British Formula 1 driver Mike Hawthorne.

“The fat old Stratocruiser is still my favorite aircraft for long distances. Its spiral staircase and bar on the lower deck give the passengers the opportunity to walk about and chat and get a change of scene which passes the time more agreeably than sitting glued to one’s seat for hours on end in the slim modern projectiles.”

Mike hAWTHORNE’S Challenge Me the Race
Passengers relaxing in the lower deck lounge of a Pan American Airways Boeing Model 377 Stratocruiser; circa 1949-1950. Stewardess (flight attendant) at the rear.

The Stratocruiser lounge was a perfect fit for the lower fuselage and would not be duplicated for another 25 years with the introduction of the Boeing 747

Flying Boeing Stratocruiser style, cocktails followed by a seven course dinner then sleep it all of in a full size berth.
Maxim’s of Paris selected the on board food and beverage choices thus the menu in French with English sub titles.
Lighting up in the Boeing Stratocruiser lounge “Do you stop here often ?”
Let the good times roll. Canapes and drinks in the Boeing Stratocruiser lounge. A rolling beverage cart served cocktails and hors-d’œuvre on the upper deck.