S.S. AMERICA, S.S. UNITED STATES sailing on the 'All American' team to Europe

Comparing the SS United States and the Queen Mary 2

SS United States vs Queen Mary 2

[su_content_slide] it’s interesting to compare the express Liner SS United States and the liner/cruise ship R.M.S Queen Mary 2. They are both ocean liners, built to maintain the schedule and handle the rigors of sailing year round on the North Atlantic Ocean. That’s where the similarities end and their profiles show the difference..

Built to survive financially Queen Mary 2 is no speed queen. Speed cost money and balcony cabins produce revenue, thus she is a combination cruise ship and ocean liner.

Built to serve as a troop ship and ship of state, the United States is a sleek racing machine. Balconies and speed don’t mix when a ship is heading into a cold wind at 32 knots (36.8 mph) At that speed it wasn’t even safe to open a porthole.

Having sailed on both I offer the following comparison in the style of ‘Comparo’ from   Car and Driver magazine



h2>1/2 + 1/2</h2>

queen mary 2 profile


+ The British persona, stabilized ride, getting there is still half the fun. A floating maritime museum. The last alternative to the indignities of air travel.

Its no ocean greyhound but who cares. Strong family resemblance to a Carnival cruise ship. Miss those ‘Bon Voyage parties.’

= Transportation for those who still believe that staggering round a transatlantic liner in a dinner jacket with a martini is the normal, rational, reasonable way to cross the Atlantic. A grand ocean liner that preserves In style and spirit the classic the rituals of the traditional transatlantic crossing.


  • Gross tonnage: 151,400
  • Horsepower:     157,168
  • Top speed                 29.6 knots
  • Service speed:          26    knots
  • Passengers:        2,620


big U profile


+  Speed and good looks, the ‘Concorde’ of the North Atlantic liners. Friendly personal service. Living in an unplugged world, no cells, TV, internet. A thrilling ride.

The roller coaster ride in heavy weather (it was still a thrill), Titanic style  class division isolated passengers and cut the ship up. Required a generous taxpayer subsidy to operate. Antiseptic luxury. Two Star accommodations in Tourist

= An American original. To sail on her was to experience a superb sailing machine with dashing good looks and comfort of an ocean going yacht. A technological marvel loaded with ‘Wow’ factor.

  • Gross tonnage:   53,300
  • Horsepower:       240,000
  • Top speed:                  42 knots
  • Service speed:            32 knots
  • Passengers:          2,008

Help save the SS United States visit the SS United States Conservancy.

SS United States home page https://www.ssusc.org/