S.S. AMERICA, S.S. UNITED STATES sailing on the 'All American' team to Europe

Cruise ship or Ocean liner ? part 1

A cruise or a transatlantic Crossing, what’s the difference?54cunard1024x768

  • Cruise ships are on flex time, ocean liners have schedules to meet
  • Cruise ships sail around heavy weather, ocean liners sail into it.
  • Cruise ships are their own destination. Ocean liners sail to a destination.
  • Cruise ships are party ships; flip flops, T shirts, and beer are OK. Ocean Liners are party ships; champagne, cocktails and canapés are OK, wearing sneakers, untucked shirts and no tie at the dinner, not OK.
  • Cruise ships stimulate the senses, ocean liners stimulate the senses and sooth the soul.
  • Cruise ships consume time. Ocean liners suspend it.
  • Cruise ships passenger sail from port to port enjoying shore experiences. For ocean liner passengers the journey is the experience.
  • Cruise ships are egalitarian with space shared by all. Ocean liners practice exclusivity.

Larry Driscoll