Dogs on board

With tips the kennel master made more on a voyage than the captain. Adding insult to injury, most of the complaints from dog owners wound up on the captains desk.

A prominent socialite and her prize poodle boarded the United States to attend a series of dog shows in New York. Soon after arrival she noticed her dog behaving strangely and took it to the vet. The dog was pregnant and the socialite livid. When the United States returned to New York from its next European voyage marine superintendent John Green handed Tucker her nasty letter threatening to sue the line. “Here, Tucker take care of this.” Captain Tucker read the letter, smiled and told Green “Hell, I did not have anything to do with it!” “Neither did I” replied Green. “At least you were there; and I wasn’t.”

They both had a good laugh, knowing that there was probably no way the woman could prove her dog was impregnated on the ship.

From Scuttlebutt by George E. Murphy.

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