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James Bond (007) and the Boeing Stratocruiser

James Bond (007) creator,Ian Fleming, had a flair for the good things in life including BOAC’s five star Monarch service across the Atlantic. The portly Boeing Stratocruiser took over 16 hours to reach New York from London, a leisurely voyage that Fleming preferred to the needless haste of jet aircraft. It was also Fleming’s airline of choice for Bond who spoke for Fleming when he lamented the passing of the luxury Stratocruiser in For Your Eyes Only.

Two days later, Bond took the Friday Comet to Montreal. He did not care for it. It flew too high and too fast and there were too many passengers. He regretted the days of the old Stratocruiser — that fine lumbering old plane that took hours to cross the Atlantic. Then one had been able to have dinner in peace, sleep for seven hours in a comfortable bunk, and get up in time to wander down to the lower deck and have that ridiculous BOAC ‘country house’ breakfast while the dawn came up and flooded the cabin with the first bright gold of the Western hemisphere.

( for more of Bond’s experiences flying the Stratocruisers – go to “from Props to the Concorde)



2 thoughts on “James Bond (007) and the Boeing Stratocruiser

  1. Larry Driscoll Post author

    Remind me of those trans Atlantic flights. We also had the upfront compartment with seats that turned into beds. Sleep was also elusive as the engines were not far away. It got better once we lost an engine, but the price we paid was an unexpected layover in Newfoundland.

  2. Geoffrey Cummins

    As a boy i flew the BOAC Strat from London to Lagos and home one school holiday. I flew up front, i remember. It was so noisy and the vibration so bad, that to sleep, the best result was by resting your pillow on the window glass. It had a good range and only stopped at Rome and Kano, I think.

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