S.S. AMERICA, S.S. UNITED STATES sailing on the 'All American' team to Europe

S.S. United States at a Glance

Length overall990 feet
Beam101 feet 6 inches
Gross tonnage53,300
PropulsionSteam turbine, quadruple screw
Total shaft horsepower240,000
Top speed38.32 knots or 44.098 land miles per hour
Keel to top of forward funnel175 feet
BuildersNewport NewsShipping & Dry Dock Company
CrewDeck 89 -Engine 16 6- Purser 33 - Medical 9 - Steward 738 = 1068
CabinsFirst Class 344 - Cabin Class - 178 - Tourist 173 - Klennel 20 dogs
PassengersFirst Class 904 - Cabin Class - 524 - Tourist 554 = 1,982 Klennel 20 dogs
Fares 1952, off seasonFirst Class $360- Cabin Class - $227 - Tourist $170
Troup ship capacity14,000
Maiden Voyage1952
Total Voyages400
DesignersGibbs & Cox, Naval Architect
Eggers & Higgins, Interior Architects
Smyth, Urquhart, & Marckwald, Interior Designers
OwnerUnited States Lines
Current Location (June 2012)Philadelphia PA

2 thoughts on “S.S. United States at a Glance

  1. Elizabeth Pauls-Diede

    1961 I was 3, we sailed from southHampton to NYC- I was 3. My oldest childhood memory was
    On the SS United States- there was a storm and rough seas, We were having breakfast in our cabin that morning. The Porter brought in the food setting it on the table but first putting down a damp towel so it wouldn’t slide. Then came a huge wave and my breakfast was elevated then tossed to the floor and rolled back-and-forth on the cabin floor. My sister and I jumped onto the bed with excitement and fear. Later I found out the reason we had breakfast in our cabin that morning was because my parents had too much fun the night before with dinner at the captains table.

  2. Cindy Thurston

    I was on the last sailing of the SSUnitedStates from Hamburg to Southhampton to New York, November 1969. I’d like to hear more about that sailing. I remember there was a horrible storm as we entered the east coast, water pouring in the portholes of our cabin class room. People were sick most of the trip, my husband, Mike, included.

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