S.S. AMERICA, S.S. UNITED STATES sailing on the 'All American' team to Europe

Sailing on the SS America

The SS America sailing experience

America Tourist Class

Tourist class on the America. Tourist class on ships is a thing of the past. However when the America was launched in 1939 class distinction on ships was quite rigid with strict separation between First ...

America Cabin Class

Cabin class was referred to as the " Middle Class" of the ship. Referred to in travel brochures as "Happy Medium" in Atlantic travel, offering high standards of comfort and service at reasonable rates. Typical ...

America First Class

When the America began her Atlantic crossings in 1946 some travel agents questioned the ship's ability to attract affluent passengers. Cunard lines offered bigger and faster ships in the Queen Mary and Elizabeth. Their service was impeccable ...
To the SS America

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