S.S. AMERICA, S.S. UNITED STATES sailing on the 'All American' team to Europe

SS United States

SS United States America’s flagship

ss United States
The SS United States is welcomed to her home port. The Harry Truman Presidential Library

For over one hundred years passenger liners had been racing across the Atlantic in cutthroat competition for the Blue Riband, the prize for the best crossing time. The winners were objects of national pride for they represented the best in a country’s technology, culture, and way of life. For all its industrial might Americans had never been able to field a winner. That was about to change when the new superliner SS United States sailed into New York Harbor.

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Welcome aboard the SS United States. America’s flagship.

In the following pages you will find;

• An illustrated history of the United States.
• Experience sailing first class on the United States.
• A view of the interiors from design to completion.

SS United States Interior Pictures

THE SS UNITED STATES FROM DRAWING BOARD TO REALITY. This page brings you pictures in two formats. First, the initial decorator's drawing board plans then the actual final spaces ...

SS United StatesThe Passenger experience

Step aboard for a first-class sailing experience. In 1954, the minimum first-class fare on the SS United States from New York to Southampton was $365 ($3,783 in 2022). For that price, passengers sailed on a floating luxury resort offering the refinement, ...

The dining experience

Dining on the SS United States “It was like being in a palace,” recalled the ship’s historian and frequent passenger Frank Braynard. “One magnificent room led to another.” With six meals a day, from breakfast to the late-night buffet, Braynard recalls, “You could kill yourself eating.” ...

Captains of the S.S. United States

Sailing up the Hudson River for a publicity shot L Driscoll collection
Sailing up the Hudson River for a publicity shot
L Driscoll collection

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    10 thoughts on “SS United States

    1. Michael Coker

      I came from England to the US on the SS United States Arriving on March 19th !968 this year will mark 54 years since our arrival we have

      since lost 3 our original family who traveled with us to NY my mother is now 92 years old and has been asking a lot of questions and

      reminiscing about the trip I would like to get a copy of the passenger list and possible some memorabilia of the ship, there was also photograph

      of me sitting on our luggage after we disembarked I don’t know whether it was the Daily News or the NY post I am now 70 years old and

      would like to know how to obtain this information


    2. Uwe F. Ehrlich

      Hello to all. I traveled from Bremerhaven to New York April 1961. I would love to see or have a list of passengers. How might I find or obtain such a list. Thanks
      Uwe F. Ehrlich

    3. Daniel Friend

      My mother migrated from Germany on the USS United States on Dec 10, 1955. I would like to somehow find out/see a picture of the quarters she stayed in. I have a postcard she sent me of the ship long ago. She passed away Sept 15, 2018 at the age of 84. he name at the time was Helga Lehman

    4. Mr Nicola Mossa

      I’m trying to locate the passenger manifest of my transatlantic voyage to the NYC port the S.S. United States arrived in NYC on October 09 -1960 from Le Havre Fr.
      I remember traveling on c deck with my father.
      Thank You

    5. Larry Driscoll Post author

      In reply to your post on the SS United States. I would contact the SS United States Conservancy. They are collecting artifacts from the ship

    6. Robert Travers

      My late wife sailed to England in 1961 on the SS United States to meet her then 1st husband who was in the US Air Force. she was 17 and said she stayed mostly under deck in cheap steerage. I have 3 whiskey shot glasses as souvenirs marked “United States Lines” that I want to send to some place for such items. Can you offer a place I can send them..??

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